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Need to network? Got a career question? Curious about a company? Ask an Alumni! Search for a champion using a keyword or job title. Once you identify someone to connect to, request a meeting for a chat or video conference.

Prepare for a Great Conversation!

To prepare, decide what you want to know and how you're going to introduce yourself. Keep in mind that everyone in LUConnect is a Rambler & wants to connect! Need help? Download either a free Informational Interviewing Guide or a Networking and Career Branding Guide.

Not sure what to wear for your meeting or video conference? Visit our Pinterest "What to Wear" board for some ideas.

Connect with a champion

You and your champion will receive an email with each others contact information so you can arrange your chat. No contact information is shared until you and the champion are connected in the system.


Once your first meeting is complete, ask yourself if you are satisfied with the information you received. Yes? Wonderful! No? Talk to another champion!

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Search by industry, job title, major, or keywords to identify champions to help you explore a career or simply learn something new!

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Alumni! Become a champion

You've graduated and are happily in the world of work – now use your success to help current students! Request a champion account. For more information, see our <a target="_blank" href="">Alumni FAQs</a>.