Mark Carter

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Founder of Events, Mentoring & Marketing Company Twitter Linkedin


I struck out on my own two weeks before graduating college to become a professional speaker and consultant. That idea turned into my current business that creates marketing campaigns, produces professional events and builds mentoring programs.

All along the way I’ve been fortunate to have amazing mentors. Now I get to help other people create mentoring experiences and build valuable business relationships through my programs and events.

I can help with conversations about: How to find mentors, marketing and storytelling, event planning, experiences in the startup world and best practices about networking in general.


When I struck out on my own I realized that I had a LOT to learn. I connected with successful people and asked how they solved problems and created opportunities – and took lots of notes. Those conversations gave me the content for my first speaking gigs and helped me create my current business.

During my journey I’ve been fortunate to collaborate on exciting projects such as running book launches and tours for New York Times bestselling business authors, working with the Founder of TED to create an event with 50 world class luminaries, helping the world’s largest chapter of Meeting Professionals International create their branding statement, running interviews at the news desk at Dell Computers’ conference DellWorld, creating marketing internship programs for the Chicago Improv Festival and building organizations and mentoring programs for startups, nonprofits and young professionals. For volunteering I currently serve as Board President for Chicago Improv Productions.

17 years after striking out on my own I’m still connecting with and interviewing successful people. I’ve created Idea Climbing™; a body of work based on my research from thousands of conversations and working on hundreds of professional events. It demystifies mentoring, provides a structure for problem solving and delivers clear strategies to create opportunities through storytelling and collaboration.

Because of that research I can help you figure out mentoring – what it is, how to go about it and what to do when you find a mentor. I can answer questions about running marketing campaigns, starting your own business, creating a career in professional event planning and how to build and work with teams. I can also share stories from the people I’ve interviewed so you can learn from their mistakes and successes to shorten your professional learning curve.