Michael Gong

chicago, Illinois, United States

Advising, Mentoring

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My name is Michael and I currently attend the Stritch school of medicine at Loyola Chicago as a third year medical student. I went to Marquette University for my undergrad and majored in Biological sciences. I graduated in may, 2016. In terms of route to medical school, I came straight from undergrad.


In terms of interests in medicine, I am currently open in looking at specialties. I do not particularly have one specialty in mind. My experience at Stritch has been above and beyond what I had expected of medical school. The curriculum is set up so that students are given ample time to adjust to the new environment and the new pace at which content is covered. Activities and interest groups that I am a part of include volunteering in the Pediatric department at Loyola's Hospital. I also volunteer at the free clinic in Chinatown, which is co-run by all the other Chicago based Medical schools. In addition to that, I also will be volunteering at a couple other free clinics. Currently I am not doing any research but will also pursue that in the near future. Hobbies outside of medical school that I enjoy pursuing include: Tennis, film, and trying different cuisines. The types of mentoring I am interested in include activities to pursue while in undergrad, the application process itself, and any other questions regarding how to best prepare for medical school.