Joe Potter

San Francisco, California, United States

Account Manager, Large Customer Sales


BA, 2011
MBA, 2012
JFRC, Summer 2010


My career has focused on digital advertising, working for start ups, agencies, and now the publisher side with Google. I have managed campaigns and created media plans for various clients but some of my favorites were Intel, Microsoft, Hyatt, and Allstate. I work on Search, Display, and Video and really enjoy talking about the different media but also the differences between the start up life, agency life, and large company life. My focus now is more on the sales and account management.

I completed both my BBA and MBA at Loyola. While in undergrad, I helped create Loyola Limited. Loyola Limited at the time consisted of The Flats at Loyola Station, Loyola Property Management, Felice's, and Chainlinks. This was an awesome experience and I hope you all get to be a part of it.

I moved from Chicago a little more than a year ago to San Francisco. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to meet in-person (unless I have meetings in Chicago during class times). However, I am happy to chat on the phone or on a video chat.