Katie Bukiri

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Hello I'm Katie, a 4th year medical student at Stritch. I graduated from University of Illinois in 2011 with a degree in molecular and cellular biology.


After graduating from U of I, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my biology degree, if anything at all. While I loved science, I also loved being creative (and photoshop). I took time off to explore my options and worked as both a pharmacy technician and as an ICU patient care technician. During this time I also volunteered and did some freelance graphic design work. Through my experiences in the ICU, I realized I really loved working with patients which lead me to taking the MCAT and pursuing medical school.

While in medical school, I've been involved in research, continue to volunteer, and will be pursuing psychiatry for residency. I'm interested in teaching and advising and would love to answer questions about the gap years, applying to medical school, interview prep, or anything else! Outside of medicine, I'm interested in art, music, movies, pop culture, and thrift stores.