James (Jim) Dempsey

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Director of Business Operations, Vice President

Associated Bank

BBA Marketing, Quinlan School of Business

I have significant experience working at various banks and trading companies with a specific focus on trading, sales and the operational flow of products such as foreign exchange, commodities, equities and interest rate products.


Respected Executive in the global risk management marketplace with a distinguished career leading profitable companies in client based Sales, Operations, Relationship Management, and Risk quantification. Strong business development building successes including a full range of Financial Service companies. A sales and operational expert in all matters involving Foreign Exchange, Equity, Fixed Income and Energy products. Keen insight in the dynamics between Front, Middle and Back Office teams. Trained communications expert specializing in listening, idea generation, and transparent analysis. Guided leader in Sarbane-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, CVA, and Centrally Cleared derivatives. Devoted disciple of the power of team dynamics, entrepreneurial spirit and building long term client and partner relationships.