About Us

LUConnect Solves A Problem and Identifies Opportunities

The Career Development Center (CDC), in collaboration with Loyola University Chicago Alumni Relations, recognizes and honors the importance of building a professional network. Now more than ever, unfettered access to career-development resources and networks that not only acknowledge the global marketplace but harness them in meaningful ways is critical to help expand aspirational horizons and drive professional growth.

We at the CDC recognize that there are many online communities and platforms to help curate contacts, and that is an important piece of career development. We also recognized that students need a little more – or Magis as we say in the Jesuit communities! We needed to find alumni who really wanted to connect with students, not just say “accept” to an online invitation. What we envisioned was creating a program that would offer a new way to connect students and alumni in career conversations– more options, fewer boundaries, and a high level of accessibility…

Presenting LUConnect!

LUConnect is an online career information exchange program, connecting students with alumni across the world. The program is powered by Revere Software and has been gifted to Loyola University Chicago by generous alum, Brian Kurth (M.A. Political Science).

LUConnect reaches across states, countries, and oceans. It enables and empowers students to talk to alumni about career choices, employer cultures, and internships.

LUConnect is a resource for finding real-life career advice shared by Alumni, who we call champions, who can answer your questions and offer insights into their profession.

Connect. Anywhere. Anytime.